Teacher’s Day in China

By Wei Gu

Teacher’s Day in China will soon be here with the beginning of the new academic year. The purpose of the day is to show respect and gratitude to all teachers and educators who contribute greatly to the cause of education, the modern Teacher’s Day takes place on 10 September every year.

China has a long tradition of honoring its teachers. The modern Teachers’ Day, September 10, was established by the Chinese Government in 1985, as an official festival to recognise the important work of China’s educators. On that day, various meetings and events are held to celebrate this festival for teachers. Schools and universities hold awards ceremonies where the best teachers are given certificates and flowers for their hard work. Class celebrations are also allowed on this day, which might make up for the fact that teachers don’t get this day off work. For example, the pupils and students often give flowers, gifts and cards to their mentors in class to express their appreciation. Nowadays, giving an apple to your teacher in class is very popular in China because “apple” in Chinese symbolizes safety and happiness.