In this section, we are highlighting some useful case studies of companies engaging with China, so that you could have a taste of the China-Scotland cooperation.

Red Unit 

Founded in 2016 in Edinburgh, Red Unit is an intercultural design and branding consultancy specialised in providing innovative design solutions for businesses to unleash their potential in both domestic and international markets.  
They help businesses develop and evolve their brands, products and experiences to be culturally iconic and globally impactful. 

Red Unit participates in large scale activities such as Chinese New Year and COP26 – and is responsible for branding and the creative side of the events. 

Below are their most prominent work cases:  

Red Unit_CNY.pdf 

Red Unit_Glasgow tourism.pdf 

Red Unit_COP 26.pdf 

Arbikie Vodka 

Arbikie Estate is a family-owned working farm perched on the east coast of Angus. They plant, sow, tend and harvest the fields that make up Arbikie’s range of bottle spirit.  
Farming in the Stirling family goes back to 1660, west coast. Their lands passed through seven generations until great uncle Bill moved to a farm at Arbikie on the east coast of Angus in the 1920’s. He then passed it to our grandfather, John Stirling who expanded the acreage before passing the lands over to Alec Stirling. 

Arbikie have been willing to expand their brand to the Chinese market – and they managed to gain a profound understanding of their audience. 

Their success story is below: 

Arbikie Vodka Strikes Gold In China  

Arbikie vodka scooped a double gold medal at The China Wine and Spirits Awards.