13th CEA (Europe) and 32th CEA (UK) Annual Conference Is Almost There

This year, Scottish Confucius Institute for Business and Communication is supporting the 13th Chinese Economic Association (Europe) and 32th CEA (UK) Annual Conference!

About CEA

CEA (Europe) Chinese Economic Association (Europe) was launched in 2008
in Oslo. The new association was intended as a major expansion of activities by the CEA
(UK) and was established as an independent academic organization in association with the
CEA (UK). The main objective of the CEA (Europe) is to promote scholarly exchanges and
encourage academic leadership associated with the Chinese economic and business studies in

The CEA (UK) was launched in 1988 and has since become one of the leading
organisations in the UK promoting research on China. Its past annual conferences have
attracted wide-ranging attention from academic institutions, government organisations, banks and industries, alongside with the media in the UK and China. Prominent speakers have
included ministers from the Chinese and British governments, the Chinese ambassadors, and
eminent academic figures of international repute including Nobel laureates in economics.
Papers from these conferences have been published in leading economics and business
journals, in edited books, and in the CEA (UK)’s official journal, Journal of Chinese
Economic and Business Studies, with Taylor & Francis as the publisher.

Background & Themes

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges of our times, and it threatens the lives and
livelihoods of billions of people around the globe. In essence, tackling climate change
enables more sustainable development. The 2015 Paris climate change conference (COP) was
a momentous political outcome as more than 190 nations have committed to undertake
ambitious efforts to combat climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and
becoming more resilient to climate impacts. Under Paris Agreement, the world should cut
carbon emissions by 45% from 2010 levels by 2030. As one of the world’s largest emitters of
carbon dioxide and biggest markets, China recently pledged to reach peak carbon dioxide
emissions by 2030 and become carbon neutral before 2060. China’s green commitments will
not only play a major role in combatting global climate change but also in shaping how the
rest of the world progresses with its transition away from fossil fuels to a more sustainable
low-carbon and circular economy. Taking place in the follow-up to COP26, CEA (Europe/UK), University of
Edinburgh Business School, Heriot-Watt University Edinburgh Business School and Scottish
Confucius Institute for Business & Communication are jointly organising an online academic
conference to bring together international academics, policy makers and industry
professionals, to provide them with the opportunity to present and share their research and
interests on issues relating to tackling climate change to accelerate sustainable development.

Welcome the SCIBC Staff, who were selected Conference Organising Committee Members:

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