Manchester Confucius Institute: Celebrating 15 Years

Today, our friends at the Manchester Confucius Institute celebrate their 15th anniversary! In celebration, we’re sharing a look back at everything they have achieved over the last 15 years with a social media campaign. Each day they will focus on a different year in our history, presented through video interviews and photos which tell their story.

Here is what our colleagues say about this beautiful day:

Today of 2006 marked the ‘start from scratch’ – this is when Confucius Institute was officially established. To reflect on the occasion, we spoke with former Vice President and Dean of Humanities, Alistair Ulph. Alistair remembers how it started with the University’s strategic decision to develop strong links with China, and forming a Confucius Institute aligned with that agenda. Watch his interview here, and be sure to follow us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram to follow along with our 15th anniversary celebrations!

The first event will be devoted to the Qing dynasty.

Qing: China’s Multilingual Empire Exhibition Launch

Join Manchester Confucius Institute online 7-8pm Wednesday 20 October for what is sure to be a fascinating discussion on the rich cultural diversity of China’s last empire!

Qing: China’s Multilingual Empire Exhibition Launch (