Hi Again, Global China – New Workshop Announcement

With rich culture, large population and unique economic and political framework, China is always a fascinating market for many pre or post-pandemic. The growing number of the new generation of affluent visitors and the speedy recovery from the COVID pandemic bring China’s attraction to a new height! The Chinese market is now everywhere, not only within China but just on your doorstep. The modern Chinese visitor has a robust appetite for exploring the world and bringing it home. Local businesses and destinations need to understand what they are looking for beyond simple media knowledge to capture the next growth opportunity in the post-pandemic Chinese market.

Alice He, the Project Manager from Edinburgh Tourism Action Group’s China Ready Initiative will share insight and suggestions on how to target Chinese students and visitors and how to promote your business to the Chinese market.

Thorranze Cheung, the founder and design director from RED UNIT, will shed light on insight and ideas to create an engaging and exciting brand experience and customer journey to welcome the new generation of Chinese customers with consistency, authenticity and originality.

Registration is required to access this free workshop, and a copy of the presentation will be shared with attendees.

Don’t forget to submit your questions at confuciusinstitute@hw.ac.uk or Eventbrite prior to the workshop, each presentation will also be followed by a Q&A session.

Link to register.